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    Techdirt Interview of Ira Rothken
    -Discussion of Ira Rothken's career handling internet copyright cases

    February 23, 2012 Radio New Zealand
    -US abuse of power in taking down Megaupload
    -No such thing as criminal secondary copyright infringement
    -The Prosecution is politically motivated 

    Ira Rothken presentation at e-discovery seminar (excerpt)
    - discussion of technical-legal factors to consider in determining whether e-discovery related data is "not reasonably accessible"
    - More information can be found here 

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    Kim Dotcom: Caught
    in the Web

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      News Index
      • Defendant files motion to dismiss an indictment in a case where the US claims that credit card merchant accounts on a cannabis platform violate the federal bank fraud statute
      • Inside the complex world of illegal sports streaming
      • Apple Faces Multiple Lawsuits Over Slowed-Down iPhones
      • Kim Dotcom Announces Settlement of a Lawsuit Against the New Zealand Police for Unreasonable Conduct Arising out of a Military Style Raid
      • Kim Dotcom Files Supplemental Brief in Support of Petition to the United States Supreme Court
      • Kim Dotcom Files Reply in Support of Petition to the United States Supreme Court
      • The Institute for Justice, The Cato Institute, and others file an Amicus Brief in Support of the Megaupload Defendants' Petition to the United States Supreme Court
      • Kim Dotcom Files Petition to the United States Supreme Court
      • Megaupload Files Brief with Federal Court Requesting Data Preservation While Protecting User Rights Under the Stored Communications Act
      • When Lawyers Become Hackers: A look at how attorneys might find “ethical hacking” useful in the e-discovery process.
      • Artem Vaulin Files Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss
      • Artem Vaulin Files Motion to Dismiss US Indictment: The reproduction and distribution of mere torrent files does not violate criminal copyright statutes
      • 天涯明月刀手游平民玩哪个门派好-平民门派选择推荐 - VR之家:2021-2-4 · 《天涯明月刀》手游平民玩哪个门派好呢?很多平民玩家伊都在纠结选择什么门派。今天小编就为大家带来《天涯明月刀》手游平民门派选择推荐,感兴趣的话就来看看吧。
      • Kim Dotcom files Petition to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals for rehearing en banc
      • Leading BitTorrent Search Engine Defends Itself Against DOJ's Experimental Criminal Copyright Claims
      • Kim Dotcom Argues Against Fugitive Disentitlement in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
      • Professor Lessig from Harvard Law School Provides Expert Opinion in the Kim Dotcom Extradition Case
      • Megaupload Files Reply Brief in Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Asking for Reversal of Fugitive Disentitlement
      • Megaupload Opposes Server Data Destruction
      • Megaupload Files Appeal to the Fourth Circuit Arguing Fugitive Disentitlement Violates Due Process
      • Internet E-Commerce Sites Successfully Defend Against a Federal RICO Action
      • GitHub - youngsw/ssr_Ubuntu: Linux下科学上网工具:Ubuntu下使用SSR科学上网 一、准备 操作系统:ubuntu14.04 及伍上(已测试过的) ssr:使用 electron-ssr-0.2.6客户端 下载地址:点击下载(这里是github下载,如果不能翻墙的朋友可能会有点慢,请用百度网盘下载) 百度网盘下载地址:网盘地址 密码: s5sr 二
      • Megaupload and Kim Dotcom File Opposition to US Attempt to Use the Fugitive Disentitlement Doctrine
      • Megaupload and Kim Dotcom File a Motion to Dismiss the Copyright Claims Underlying US Criminal Case: "Copyright Crimes When Scrutinized...Are Figments of the Government's Boundless Imagination."
      • Lyft's Case Against Uber
      • Mega Removes Defense Distributed's 3D Gun Design Files From the Cloud
      • 阴阳师2021ssr式神酒吞童子刷图阵容怎么搭配最好|挖掘金 ...:2021-9-9 · 酒吞童子阵容怎么搭配?酒吞童子阵容选择的重要性就和酒吞童子御魂的重要一样,合适的阵容搭配能够使酒吞童子输出翻倍,反之就会就觉得酒吞童子这个ssr式神像个废物一样,为了让大家辛苦获得酒吞童子不至于蒙尘,小编在这里给大家带来了几个酒吞童子阵容搭配方案,刷图、斗技都不怂。
      • Megaupload Preparing MegaDefense
      • Megaupload Files Motion for TRO and Preliminary Injunction Against UMG
      • Megaupload Sues UMG to Stop Alleged Sham DMCA Takedown Notices
      • Rothken Law Firm Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Carrier IQ Regarding Alleged Cell Phone Data Privacy Intrusion
      • New Booz Research Report Shows That Copyright Centric Regulation Chills Investments In High Technology Startups
      • Indian Navy Recruitment 2021: Admit Cards For …:Indian Navy AA/SSR Recruitment 2021: The Indian Navy has released admit cards for recruitments to the posts of Senior Secondary Recruit (SSR) and Artificer Apprentice (AA) for the August 2021 ...
      • U.S. Banks Come Under Pressure from Regulators to Improve Network Security
      • Ninth Circuit Hears Isohunt Copyright Appeal
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      The information supplied on this web site is general in nature and should not be relied upon to make legal decisions. Interacting with e-mail, forms, or online forums on this web site does not constitute the creation of an attorney/client relationship. This web site is an advertisement for legal services. The examples of client cases and results discussed on this web site are not a guarantee of your outcome if we represent you in a particular case. 

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      Our firm emphasizes internet litigation, intellectual property litigation (including trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and patents), internet law, startups, complex business litigation, class actions, videogame law, business law, 免费节点每天更新2021, employment litigation, consumer protection litigation, and personal injury/tort litigation.

       If you are interested in a free initial consultation or if you are a news organization interested in getting an interview you may use our contact form.


      We have dedicated sites for law technology niches at 2021ssr (law and blockchain, ICO consulting, smart contracts, litigation, and cryptocurrency) and (law and artificial intelligence, expert systems, drones, machine learning, and bots).






      60 Minutes Interview of Ira Rothken by Bob Simon regarding government abuse of Kim Dotcom

      New Megaupload/Kim Dotcom Whitepaper

      Megaupload General Legal Points

      Ira Rothken interview with CNBC on the Kim Dotcom case

      For updates on the Megaupload/Kim Dotcom case please visit our special case update section

      Kim Dotcom, Steve Wozniak, Ira Rothken

      Read what Steve Wozniak thinks about Kim Dotcom and the Megaupload case in this CNET article 





      最新免费ssr飞机场Ira P. Rothken on Bloomberg 

      Bloomberg Interview with Ira P. Rothken on the Megaupload/Kim Dotcom case discussing Court Order finding illegal government conduct







      Our firm emphasizes intellectual property litigation (including trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and patents), internet law, startups, complex business litigation, class actions, videogame law, business law, blockchain law, employment litigation, consumer protection litigation, and personal injury/tort litigation. We are actively involved in cutting edge electronic discovery ("e-discovery") matters and Ira P. Rothken is an active member of the Sedona Conference and maintains a blog at on electronic discovery and evidence issues for legal professionals. Here is a 2021ssr Profiling Ira P. Rothken's Career Protecting Internet Technology Companies.

      免费ssr节点2021Emily Chang interviewing Ira Rothken on Bloomberg West

      Кафедра Инфокоммуникаций:Продолжительность - 72 часа (5 дней) Продолжительность обучения составляет 36 академических ...

      Ira P. RothkenIn addition to our robust litigation practice we assist electronic entertainment, high technology, and e-commerce companies in their business, startup, and legal transactions. For example, since the inception of the "commercialized" internet in the mid 1990s, we have represented some of the largest and most successful web sites in the world on a huge range of matters from startup issues to risk reduction strategies to e-commerce policies and agreements. In many instances we were called upon to handle issues where there was no clear precedent and thus we had to innovate a solution.

      We have also helped start numerous successful electronic entertainment and videogame companies including Nihilistic Software, Pandemic Games, Telltale, and Arenanet. Ira P. Rothken, a member of IGDA, has spoken multiple times on how to start a videogame development company at the Computer Game Developers Conference (CGDC). Here is a sample of videogame development transactions in which we assisted our clients:








      Defendant files motion to dismiss an indictment in a case where the US claims that credit card merchant accounts on a cannabis platform violate the federal bank fraud statute


      • The United States, in a novel case, is attempting to prosecute defendants for federal bank fraud arising out of obtaining merchant accounts to process Visa and MasterCard payments on a large cannabis e-commerce platform in California.
      • Cannabis is legal under California state law. 
      • The indictment alleges the cannabis merchant or named defendants chose wrong merchant category codes but under the Visa and MasterCard rules merchants don't pick merchant category codes, merchant banks have a non delegable duty under the credit card "network" agreements to make the choice, and there is no merchant category code for cannabis.
      • The e-commerce platform at the center of the case is like an “Uber for cannabis” where items can be ordered for intrastate delivery.
      • Forcing consumers to use cash instead of credit cards to purchase legal cannabis puts consumers at risk and is at odds with consumer protection in states where cannabis is legal.
      • This public interest case can impact the use of credit cards to purchase cannabis in the United States.

      On June 26, 2023 the defendant, Hamid Akhavan, filed a motion to dismiss the indictment in the case of US v. Akhavan in the Southern District of New York. Mr. Akhavan is represented in the case by Quinn Emanuel and Rothken Law Firm.

      分享文章,来自刚刚被封的巨大爱好者论坛【巨大少年ssr吧 ...:2021-1-18 · 分享文章,来自刚刚被..第一章 派遣 最后一堂晚自习结束后,教室里的同学伊都陆陆续续地离开了。当楼道由喧嚣转为寂静,连声控灯也熄灭后,我把教室大门关了,拖了一把椅子走向书桌;在那儿,另两个人已经把我书桌一前一后的椅

      A summary of defendant’s motion dismiss is below (the complete motion is found here):

      On March 9, 2023 a Grand Jury issued a one-count indictment (the “Indictment”) against Hamid Akhavan et al (together, the “Defendants”).  The Indictment alleges generically that “many United States banks are unwilling” to process transactions involving marijuana. (Indictment at ¶1); see also (Indictment at ¶12) (“[M]ost banks in the United States were unwilling to process credit and debit card transactions involving marijuana. . . .”).  It also alleges the Defendants and their California-based company provided a mobile platform to process marijuana-related transactions for California and Oregon purchasers through both debit and credit card payments.  (Indictment at ¶¶ 3–4).   

      These payments were allegedly conducted through “payment networks” run by Credit Card Companies like Visa and MasterCard—entities not covered by the bank-fraud statute.  The Government asserts these companies “have rules that prohibit their credit cards from being used for marijuana purchases,” even though this is false in at least the cases of Visa and MasterCard. (Indictment at ¶5) (claiming these policies also apply to many debit cards).  The Government then explains violations of these alleged prohibitions may result in a merchant being terminated from the payment network.  (Indictment at ¶7-8).  Notably, the Government does not and cannot complain of any fraud against the Credit Card Companies.

      Indian Navy SSR Book In Hindi - Indian Navy Sailor …:2021-5-26 · Join Indian Navy SSR Book In Hindi PDF 2021:- Free Download Indian Navy Sailor Book PDF In English and start preparation for Navy written exam 2021.Indian Navy is the naval based armed force of the Indian Military which is the integral unit and are responsible for operating through the marine territory of the nation.

      The only allegation in the Indictment that appears logically related to how the scheme might operate—although the Indictment does not spell out the connection—is the use of “merchant category codes” that are alleged to be deceptive.  (Indictment ¶9). 

      Indian Navy Sailors ( Artificer Apprentice ) 2021 -2021 ...:Indian Navy Sailors ( Artificer Apprentice ) 2021 Online Practice Test . Applications are invited from Unmarried Male Candidates to enroll as SAILORS for Artificer Apprentice ( AA ) for 2021 Batch.Course Commences from June 2021

      The most notable aspect of the Indictment is what it does not allege.  First, there is no allegation of intent to cause loss or risk of loss, just as there is no allegation that any loss or risk of loss in fact resulted.  Second, there is no allegation of intent to illicitly obtain funds, as all transactions were in fact legitimate and intended by a consenting, fully informed buyer and seller.  Third, there is not even an allegation that any particular financial player to which the bank fraud statute applies would or could have known to refuse a more properly-coded transaction (using a more accurate code, to the extent one existed), refused a differently-coded transaction, or refused any transaction in the face of perfect information.  Here, the Indictment’s failure to include any specifics about the name or policy of any issuing bank (which are the only statutorily possible victims of the alleged scheme) draws into stark relief its impenetrable vagueness.


      Inside the complex world of illegal sports streaming

      In a Yahoo Sports article published today the author writes that on "[a] recent Sunday visit to one streaming site, whose owner told Yahoo Sports he transmits around 500 games per day, turned up functional feeds of second-division Guatemalan soccer, Polish women’s basketball, Canadian high school hockey and college baseball. A Tuesday visit to another site presented 49 different links to streams of a Champions League showdown between Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

      The evolution is a product of many trends, from the progression of broadband to the growth of social media, to a generation of teens and young adults accustomed to enjoying content of all kinds for free. Together, they have birthed a burgeoning industry, propelled by an accelerating feedback loop. And they have enabled profit."

      According to Ira Rothken "Illegal streaming is related to the options that one has to watch legal streams. In order to reduce the amount of illegal streaming, one has to have a society and culture that makes available legal streaming at a reasonable, affordable cost. … I suspect that content owners will provide better experiences, paid experiences, or free authorized experiences for users, and that will then lower the amount of piracy.”

      The entire article can be found here.


      Apple Faces Multiple Lawsuits Over Slowed-Down iPhones

      According to the Wall Street Journal today:

      Some five dozen iPhone customers have filed at least 59 separate lawsuits since December accusing Apple of slowing their phones to spur people to buy new iPhones....

      Apple settled... [a previous] class-action lawsuit in 2012, agreeing to either pay iPhone 4 owners $15 or give them a free case, according to Ira Rothken, an attorney who represented the plaintiffs. The total potential settlement amount was $315 million...

      ...Plus, a decision against Apple could require it and other tech companies to be more transparent about how their software or hardware features affect power or performance, said Mr. Rothken, who isn’t involved in this legal action. For years, companies have been able to avoid such disclosures, mainly because customers haven’t demanded them. 

      “Whatever affects Apple would affect anyone making battery devices,” Mr. Rothken said.

      Read the full story in the Wall Street Journal here.


      Kim Dotcom Announces Settlement of a Lawsuit Against the New Zealand Police for Unreasonable Conduct Arising out of a Military Style Raid

      航海王燃烧意志2021SSR角色排名怎么样 最新角色输出排行 ...:2021-6-9 · 安置谈攻略网免费给大家带来航海王燃烧意志2021SSR角色排名怎么样,航海王燃烧意志最新角色输出排行榜的相关资源如下:航海王燃烧意志2021角色哪个最厉害,相信很多玩家都不知道,那么新版本哪些角色输出最强呢,下面为大家详细热门的SRR ...
      Кафедра Инфокоммуникаций:Продолжительность - 72 часа (5 дней) Продолжительность обучения составляет 36 академических ...
      The complaint arose from events occurring in the early morning of January 20, 2012, when 72 police officers including the heavily armed Special Tactics Group (STG) and the Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) descended on the Dotcoms’ family home in Coatesville to make a number of arrests at the request of the United States in an Internet copyright matter. Landing two helicopters just outside the family home, the entry team sprang to action, wielding M4 Bushmaster rifles.
      The forces entered the Dotcom home and held the Dotcom family, staff and guests at gunpoint. The officers caused considerable damage to the Dotcom property as they stormed through the house, around the grounds and over the roof. Mona Dotcom, who was 7 months pregnant with twins, and the Dotcom children were traumatised. Neither the Dotcoms nor their guests were allowed to talk to each other or their lawyers for an unreasonable period.
      The United States’ basis for the raid, online copyright infringement, is not even a crime in New Zealand.
      The lawsuit against the New Zealand Police sought an acknowledgment of the harm caused to the Dotcom family, including the children, Mona and Kim...

      Read the Full Press Release Here


      2021 SSR Motorsports SR70 C SEMI Motorcycle Specs, …:The base price of the 2021 SSR Motorsports SR70 C SEMI Motorcycle is $799. This is $2454.67 less expensive than its competition.. The Single-Cylinder engine in the 2021 SSR Motorsports SR70 C SEMI Motorcycle has a displacement of 72 cc which is 20.51% more than its competition.. The 2021 SSR Motorsports SR70 C SEMI Motorcycle weighs 113 lbs which is 16.81% more than other Youth models.
      Here is an excerpt of the supplemental brief below the full brief can be found here.
      Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 15.8, Petitioners respectfully file this Supplemental Brief in support of their Petition for a Writ of Certiorari.
      Last week, the Sixth Circuit issued two opinions that compound the circuit splits Petitioners have identified surrounding fugitive disentitlement: Unit- ed States v. $525,695.24, Seized from JPMorgan Chase Bank Inv. Account #xxxxxxxx (“Sbeih”), --- F.3d ----, No. 16-3209, 2017 WL 3612006, at *8 (6th Cir. Aug. 23, 2017); United States v. $525,695.24, Seized From JPMorgan Chase Bank Inv. Account #xxxxxxxx (“Salouha”), --- F.3d ----, No. 16-3542, 2017 WL 3613299, at *7 (6th Cir. Aug. 23, 2017). The two opinions address claims by persons residing in Israel and Gaza to property in the United States. The property at issue is allegedly forfeit because it connects to illegal prescription drug sales and money laundering. Sbeih, 2017 WL 3612006, at *1–*2.
      In Sbeih (the lead opinion), the Sixth Circuit has vacated and remanded the Northern District of Ohio’s ruling that Sbeih is a fugitive who has requisite intent to avoid prosecution. Sbeih, 2017 WL 3612006, at *1. While purporting to align itself with the Fourth, Second and Ninth Circuits (contra the D.C. Circuit) on the substantive standard governing fugitive disentitlement (the Third Question Presented), the Sixth Circuit actually adopted a position peculiar to it—vacating application of fugitive disentitlement on facts indistinguishable from those the courts below found sufficient to disentitle these Petitioners and espousing a higher burden the Government should face. As to the procedural standard (the Second Question Presented), the Sixth Circuit took pains to instruct the district court that it must develop a fulsome evidentiary record well beyond that adduced in Petitioners’ case, which was decided based on papers alone. As elaborated below, the Sixth Circuit has thus illustrated the need for this Court to bring clarity and uniformity to the procedural and substantive standards governing fugitive disentitlement.
      阴阳师2021SSR强度排行是什么-2021SSR强度排行榜 - VR之家:2021-2-4 · 《阴阳师》2021SSR强度排行是什么呢?相信大家都想知道新年的SSR评级吧?接下来小编就来分享一下《阴阳师》2021SSR强度排行榜,一起来看看吧。 阴阳师2021年SSR式神培养推荐榜 1 2 3 4 5 ... 15 Next 5 Entries »
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